WEARVR Is Building The Largest And Greatest Virtual Reality Content With A Highly Targeted User Acquisition Campaign For Desktop and Mobile

WEARVR hosts and promotes over 1,000 VR games and experiences, across a wide range of genres. From roller coasters, driving, and flying sims to 360-degree videos, social apps, and jump scares, you’ll find them all on In order to reach out to the early adopters of Virtual Reality devices who are looking for the greatest Virtual Reality Content, we brainstormed strategies with the InTrigger team.

The Challenge:

Because the VR genre is still relatively new, we needed to adopt a niche and a highly targeted campaign that would reach VR users in the right mindset, and introduce WEARVR.

How We Went About It:

We created keyword themes on search, affinity audiences, and carefully selected placements on display networks, and ran dipstick campaigns to test cost per conversion. We closely monitored engagement on the website. Accordingly, we gradually scaled up campaigns along with remarketing, fine tuning our targeting, and delivered a conversion rate well below 50% of projections.

We then adopted the highest converting methodologies to plan and run a Mobile App Install campaign ready for the WEARVR mobile app.

The Results:

The performance of WEARVR campaign has been so impressive that even campaign strategists at Google Adwords were amazed to see these KPIs.

“I now feel confident enough to scale up spends on our user acquisition campaign, knowing that InTrigger will keep cost per acquisition in check and there is little chance of of any spillover. This level of trust is very important for a healthy client-agency relationship ”

– Nic Mitham

  Co-founder & CEO

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