Turner Increased Tracking for Cartoon Network Websites in UK and Italy

Cartoon Network websites in UK ( and Italy ( are home to kids favourite cartoons and free games. Children play games online with Cartoon Network characters from Ben 10, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball and more.

The Challenge:

Turner wanted to increase traction to these websites through online campaign, precisely reaching out to kids which is a challenge in itself because none of the online networks (including Google and Facebook) offer any specific targeting option to reach kids under 13.

How We Went About It:

We therefore did comprehensive keyword research to find keyword terms kids were likely to use to search for games and entertainment as well as highly curated list of websites from Google Display network catered primarily to kids. The campaign was carefully built with easy to understand text and image ads while remarketing was ruled out for obvious reasons. 

We then continued optimizing the campaign down to keyword and placement level to ensure best possible traction.

The Results:

While the campaign did start on a high CPC level because of precise targeting and heavy competition, we were able to bring the CPC down by whopping 64%.


“I now feel confident enough to scale up spends on our user acquisition campaign, knowing that InTrigger will keep cost per acquisition in check and there is little chance of of any spillover. This level of trust is very important for a healthy client-agency relationship ”

– Nic Mitham

  Co-founder & CEO

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