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An Award Winning Digital Agency With A Cross Vertical Global Client Base

We are passionate about going the extra mile for clients, and work diligently to fully understand exactly what is needed to reach their macro and micro goals and revenue targets. This level of service has won us the prestigious ‘B2B Marketing Services Award 2017’ for Best Service Digital Agency.

B2B Marketing UK 2017 Award Winning Digital Agency Adopting a data-driven approach to providing solutions to our client’s challenges. Here at InTrigger we know the importance of customer engagement for your business. Almost ten years of working with global brands has helped us learn that engagement of prospects, audience growth and retaining that audience lies at the heart of our client’s success.

What sets us apart from other digital agencies?

We are Google Certified

  • We are a certified Google partner, which means that we are trusted by Google to follow best practices.
  • Google trusts us, and so should you.
  • Every staff member at InTrigger is individually certified in Google AdWords and Analytics, as well as Mobile & Video marketing.
  • Our relationship with Google allows us to stay ahead of the game.

Bespoke tracking dashboard

  • Transparency is important to us, and with that in mind, every client has access to a bespoke dashboard where they can access a weekly report that tracks key KPI’s. As you would expect, all results are available for all types of stakeholders.

We’re not just a PPC Agency

  • We have a very talented and certified PPC team, but we’re far more than just a PPC Agency.
  • We have a stellar track record when it comes to customer engagement, usability, retention and monetisation strategies.
  • Having a grasp of what happens beyond the homepage allows us to perfect user acquisition efforts, and integrate full end to end tracking into our complete marketing strategy.

Taking a different approach

  • No two clients are alike. Your business is individual to you; we get that.
  • At InTrigger, we tailor our strategies around the objectives of our clients.
  • Understanding your customer is crucial. It provides the solid foundation that you need to succeed. To this end, we invest time in establishing behavioural patterns, cross-device use and patterns to purchase among other factors.
  • We analyse revenue by user type and work backwards to build strategies with ROI always being the number one objective.

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